Our other Websites

These are websites that are run by Fr John and the Parish of St Bega, St Mungo and St Herbert, Keswick:

  • The Synaxarion of Great Britain and Ireland is a large website which details every Orthodox Saint of the British Isles for which there is solid evidence. This has been constructed as a resource for all the Orthodox Churches.
  • Early Christian Ireland is another large website carrying a database of Fr John’s work in cataloguing every early christian site in Ireland.

Other Orthodox websites

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Orthodox Christian websites, there are even catalogue sites that will help you find them.

Fr John’s Booklets

Available in PDF format at the moment. We hope to have Nook, Kobo and Kindle versions soon.

Living Tradition Booklets

These booklets are broadly the same as the pages on the British Isles on this website, but are designed to be printed.

N.B. Because they contain numerous photographs some of these files are very large, it is probably advisable to download the file and view it locally rather than view it in your browser. In Google Chrome, that’s right-click and choose Save file as…

  1. Meeting the Saints pdf
  2. Roman Britain pdf
  3. The Church Overcomes pdf
  4. Dumfires and Galloway pdf
  5. South Wales pdf
  6. North Wales pdf
  7. East Cornwall pdf
  8. West Cornwall pdf
  9. Ireland: Saints and Founders pdf
  10. Ireland: Monks and Islands pdf
  11. Ireland: Shrines, Clockans and Hermits pdf
  12. Scotland: South and West pdf
  13. Scotland: North and East pdf
  14. Northumbria pdf
  15. Cumbria pdf
  16. Anglo-Saxons: Mercia and Greater Mercia pdf
  17. Anglo-Saxons: Wessex and England pdf
  18. Where to go from here... pdf

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