The Living Tradition

The Living Tradition of the Saints in the East and in the West

and the significance of their teaching for us today.

Cover of the Book

357 pages packed with the wisdom of the Saints!

Father John Musther’s book represents 45 years of research, study, and prayer. He starts by expounding the fundamental beliefs of the Orthodox Church as taught to us by the Apostles illustrating this from the Scriptures, and then follows the development of this thought through the ages by the Saints. Almost uniquely, Father John uses the thinking of both East and West in his quest for the thoughts of the Saints which can help us understand the universe and the Triune God who brings it into being.

Major Sections

Making a beginning
in the beginning – the Apostolic Community AD 33-100
Apostolic Communities AD 100-400
The Church in the East AD 400-2000
The Church in the West AD 400-2000
The Saints as Prophets

In order to bring this major work to everyone who wants it, the book is printed in paperback, 150 × 210 mm, and priced at cost, £12, post and packing extra.

We hope to have on-line ordering soon, but in the mean time, contact Fr John via the Contact page.


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